Summer of Connections Contest


It’s the Summer of Connections

Are you traveling this summer, but still have business on your mind?

The NAPO Virtual Chapter is promoting connections and learning between members with a contest just for you.

As you plan your summer escape why not also plan to connect with a virtual chapter member in your vacation location? Here’s how it works.

  • After you plan your travels go to the Virtual Chapter website and find the member who lives in your destination location.
  • Contact your fellow chapter member and schedule a date to meet while you are in town.
  • Have coffee, lunch or something else and get to know each other.
  • Build a friendship and maybe…Win a prize!


The contest will run between Memorial Day and Labor Day (May 29th and September 4th, 2017) only for members of NAPO’s Virtual Chapter. To win you must snap a photo (or make a video) of your meeting and let us know what you learned from each other by posting your experience on the Virtual Chapter’s Facebook group, Facebook page or POINT community with the hashtag #SummerOfConnections . Here are some talking points we think everyone would like to hear.

  1.        How you started your organizing and productivity business.
  2.        What makes your business unique?
  3.        The business challenges in your location.
  4.        What your plan is for the future?

The couple who connects from the farthest away will win a 2018 Virtual Chapter Membership!

The contest ends at midnight on Labor Day (September 4th, 2017) and winners will be announced the next day. Distance traveled is determined with the address used for your NAPO account.

For questions about the contest, contact Janet Schiesl at

Here’s to a great summer of connections!