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Welcome to the NAPO - Virtual Chapter Book Club page.

-- Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Policy for the VC Book Club -- 

We will give a Certificate of Attendance to all participants on the live call and provide three code words for VC members listening to the recording. 

What you have to do to get the Certificate of Attendance:

  • participate on the live call for the full 60 minutes, or
  • listen to the recording and submit the three code words to the Book Club survey


You are responsible for determining whether or not the book discussion meets the criteria for CEU for you, based on your work and your clients.  Refer to the BCPO podcast on CEU (30 minute podcast

Main Criteria - the course must enable you to better serve your clients – what you do with or for your clients
  1. The class must be at least 60 minutes long
  2. It can be live or recorded if it allows you to confirm you attendance
  3. Provides skills and/or knowledge to better serve your clients
It is LIKELY that it’s eligible for CEU
During an audit of your CEUs you will be required to defend your choice of CEUs for your clients
If you have questions or suggestions for future Book Club books contact Karin Solomonson at


-- Books We've Discussed (or scheduled) -- 


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