President's Message

Have you heard? Two significant changes were made for the 2018 Barry Izsak | Glorya Schklair Conference Scholarship Fund which provides financial support to NAPO members in need to attend NAPO's Annual Conference. For the NAPO2018 Retreat, the deadline for applications has been extended to November 30, 2017, and the scholarship will provide full conference registration plus the basic hotel for two nights to the recipient. The application and additional information can be found on POINT, under the Career Growth tab.

New this month, the newsletter has a section called Kudos & Congrats and it’s all about celebrating our members. We are in search of those special events – if you’ve written a book, been quoted in an article, and more. If you have something to celebrate, please email Jane Cole at at and point it out!

Our #SummerOfConnections contest runs through Labor Day (September 4, 2017). To win you must snap a photo (or make a video) of your meeting and let us know what you learned from each other by posting your experience on the Virtual Chapter’s Facebook group, Facebook page or POINT community with the hashtag  #SummerOfConnections. The winner will receive a 2018 NAPO Virtual Chapter membership – YAY!  Click here for more info about the contest:

Have you checked out the Virtual Chapter’s Volunteer Opportunities?  Find your fit on the list or help us create a position tailored to your interests, skills and available time. Volunteering is a great way to connect! 

Look!  Up in the sky!  On August 21, 2017, an estimated 500 million people will be able to observe the total solar eclipse, in partial or total form. NASA created a special website with many suggestions for safe eclipse viewing, eclipse parties, activities, and experiments you can do. Check it out at:

Don’t forget about the Perseids, the most popular meteor shower of the year. No matter where you live, the 2017 event will probably produce the greatest number of meteors on the pre-dawn mornings of August 11, 12 and 13. During the peak, the rate of meteors reaches 60 or more per hour.

What else can we expect this month?  Check out the section on Noteworthy Days below.

Have a great month and don’t forget to look up! 


Sallie AlefsenOrganization@Work
President, NAPO Virtual Chapter



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Welcome New Members & More

Our NAPO Virtual Chapter has 192 members!  

Please join us in welcoming our NEWEST NAPO VC members for the month of July 2017:

Catherine Dryden of Neat Chic Organizing, LLC, Albany, NY

Kari Grady of Need To Organize, Clinton Township, MI

Tatiana Knight Casas of Neat with Knight, Miami Springs, FL

Christy Talese of Organize Me For Good, LLC, Columbus, OH

All NAPO VC members, new and current, are invited to join the NAPO VC Member Orientation.  This is an interactive conference call.  The next orientation scheduled is August 21st at 7:00pm ET.  Log in at and click on "meetings" to register for any NAPO VC event.  

Remember to look up members who may be near you and plan to get together!  Be sure to check out our "Summer of Connections" contest.  Find a member where you will be traveling this summer and plan to meet up!  Go to for more information.

If you have a kudo about you and your business that you would like to share, please notify me at so that we can celebrate it with our Virtual Chapter.

I am looking for a few wonderful people to help with making phone calls and connecting with our Chapter members.  If you are interested in helping out, please let me know.

Thank you to Lea Gallagher of Untangle Organizing who is helping me connect with our newest members!

Please don't hesitate to call or drop me an email if you any questions!

Jane Cole, CPOHappy Home Organizing Solutions LLC 
Membership Director, NAPO Virtual Chapter



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Kudos & Congrats

Congratulations and thanks to our Virtual Chapter members who are getting the word out about organizing, productivity, and the Virtual Chapter.  They're writing articles, being quoted, writing books and much more. Check it out!


We try hard to spot our member's activities, but we're not perfect. If you have something to celebrate please email to point it out. Promotional announcements will not be posted.

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Have You Heard?

It’s the Summer of Connections

Are you traveling this summer, but still have business on your mind?

The NAPO Virtual Chapter is promoting connections and learning between members with a contest just for you.

As you plan your summer escape why not also plan to connect with a virtual chapter member in your vacation location? Here’s how it works.

  • After you plan your travels go to the Virtual Chapter website and find the member who lives in your destination location.


  • Contact your fellow chapter member and schedule a date to meet while you are in town.


  • Have coffee, lunch or something else and get to know each other.


  • Build a friendship and maybe…Win a prize!


The contest will run between Memorial Day and Labor Day (May 29th and September 4th, 2017) only for members of NAPO’s Virtual Chapter. To enter you must snap a photo (or make a video) of your meeting and let us know what you learned from each other by posting your experience on the Virtual Chapter’s Facebook group, Facebook page or POINT community with the hashtag #SummerOfConnections . Here are some talking points we think everyone would like to hear.

  1.        How you started your organizing and productivity business.
  2.        What makes your business unique?
  3.        The business challenges in your location.
  4.        What your plan is for the future?

The two members who connect from the farthest away will win a 2018 Virtual ChapterMembership!

The contest ends at midnight on Labor Day (September 4th, 2017) and winners will be announced the next day. Distance traveled is determined with the address used for your NAPO account.

For questions about the contest, contact Janet Schiesl at

Here’s to a great summer of connections!


News from the Institue for Challenging Disorganization

Click here to go to the conference page on the ICD website.


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Upcoming Meeting Information


August 08, 2017 from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM (Eastern)

Here is a book that will help you downsize, organize, and move in an organized, efficient, and caring manner.



August 14, 2017 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM (Eastern)

Explore what it takes to run an organizing and productivity business with employees



August 21, 2017 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM (Eastern)



September 11, 2017 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM (Eastern)

Insurance Risks of the Productivity & Organizing Professional

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Books by Our Members

The VC Book Club is interested in reading books by members.  Please complete this survey to let us know about your book. We won't guarantee we will pick it for our book club, but we want to know if you have one.


Shawndra Holmberg, CPO-CD, Dhucks
NAPO VC Book Club Coordinator

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Noteworthy Days


  • Boomers Making a Difference Month
  • Get Ready for Kindergarten Month
  • Happiness Happens Month
  • National Immunization Awareness Month
  • National Panini Month
  • Shop Online for Groceries Month
  • What Will Be Your Legacy Month

Special weeks include:

  • Simplify Your Life Week: 1 - 7
  • International Tree Climbing Days: 3 - 5
  • Exercise with Your Child Week: 6 – 12
  • National Farmers Market Week: 6 - 12
  • National Fraud Awareness Week: 6 - 12
  • National Bargain Hunting Week: 7 - 13
  • National Motorcycle Week: 13 - 19
  • National Safe at Home Week: 21 - 25

Noteworthy days:

  • National Night Out: 1
  • World Wide Web Day: 1
  • National Coloring Book Day: 2
  • Watermelon Day: 3
  • International Beer Day: 4
  • National Chocolate Chip Day: 4
  • Social Security Day: 4
  • National Mustard Day: 6
  • National Psychic Day: 7
  • Professional Speakers Day: 7
  • International Cat Day: 8
  • The Date to Create: 8
  • Happiness Happens Day: 8
  • S'mores Day: 10
  • Shop Online for Groceries Day: 11
  • National Bowling Day: 12
  • National Garage Sale Day: 12
  • Sewing Machine Day: 12
  • Vinyl Record Day: 12
  • International Lefthander's Day: 13
  • National Relaxation Day: 15
  • National Nonprofit Day: 17
  • National Thrift Shop Day: 17
  • Mail Order Catalog Day: 18
  • Cupcake Day: 21
  • International Bat Nights: 25 - 26
  • National Dog Day: 26
  • National Second-Hand Wardrobe Day: 25
  • Tug-of-War Day: 30


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