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Alexis Boccanfuso is a Certified Professional Organizer with a focus on Financial Organizing and Productivity Consulting. She provides organizing services to individuals, families, seniors, and businesses. With over two decades of experience in the business world, Alexis knows her way around numbers, people, details, project management and problem solving.

Alexis helps her clients overcome their personal challenges through the organization of various aspects of their lives and work. She recognizes that being organized can reduce anxiety, facilitate confidence, instill peace and bring about the much sought after work-life balance. Alexis believes that organizing is not a cookie-cutter service and that environments and schedules need to be organized in a way that make sense to the client. She acts as a guide to her clients as they undertake an endeavor that can positively impact their life forever.

Alexis is known for her calm energy, focused attention, and her innate ability to organize just about anything or anyone. She incorporates mindfulness in both her personal life and client work. Alexis believes in being present in the moment, letting the past be past and welcoming the future without fear.

Clients have characterized Alexis as a rare gem, supportive, encouraging, and awesome to work with. Clients working with her have described their experience as empowering, eye-opening, transformational and life changing.

Prior to professional organizing, Alexis worked as a Forensic & Litigation consultant at Deloitte & Touche and KPMG. She consulted for clients in the financial, publishing, government, technology, health care, medical products, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and insurance industries.