Associate Membership Committee Volunteers

Founded in 2011 as a not-for-profit educational, professional association in the virtual world, NAPOVC is dedicated to serving its members through education, networking, industry resources, and promotion of the profession to the public.

Companies who manufacture, sell, and distribute organizing products and organizing industry-related services play a vital role within NAPOVC. These companies provide products and services that are essential to a NAPOVC professional member’s success. For our Associate/Affiliated businesses, branding your company as a supporter of NAPOVC provides additional recognition to our membership and the industry.

 As NAPOVC business owners, when we find companies who help us support our clients, and in operating our own businesses, we want to share the resources with our colleagues, as well as support our industry partners. Your personal connection and invitation to join our NAPOVC Associate Membership is the perfect first step to expanding the services we introduce to our membership – as well as to assist your trusted affiliated businesses expand the reach of  their own companies.

Associate Membership Director:  Jill Iorio

Please include NAPOVC Associate Membership information in your toolkit of business growth tools. Send contacts, suggestions, inquiries for more details to