Continuing Education Units

Certificate of Attendance

We will give a Certificate of Attendance to all participants on the live webinar presentations and members listening to the recording who accurately provide the three code words given during the presentation.

How to get the Certificate of Attendance:

  1. Participate on the live call for the full 60 minutes or listen to the full recording.

  2. Current Month Meetings:  You can submit code words for Certificates of Attendance for 12 months from the meeting date. Certificates of Attendance will be emailed to you for correctly submitted code words on or before the date of the next monthly meeting.

  3. For Previously Recorded Meetings:  You are able to submit code words for Certificates of Attendance for one year after the original meeting date.  Certificates will be emailed to you within a month from submission.

  4. Errors or Omissions:  If your code words are incorrect or missing for any reason, a Certificate of Attendance will not be issued until the correct code words are resubmitted.  You will be notified by email of any necessary corrections to your submission.  It is important that you resubmit your code words through the list below so that our team will have verifiable proof of your submission on record.  Email responses will not be issued certificates.

    Note:  Certificates of Attendance are only issued for meetings that occurred in the past 12 months.  If you are seeking CEUS, please join our meetings each month or view the recordings and submit the code words before the deadline as noted above.  Check our Code Word Submission forms below to be certain the meeting presentation is still eligible for a CEU credit.  If you do not see a link for the presentation you intend to view for CEU credit, then that CEU opportunity has expired. You are still welcome to listen to the presentation, but no certificates will be sent.  Be sure to submit your code words immediately after viewing to ensure you don’t miss the 12-month window.

    Code Word Submission

    Questions?  Contact us.

CEU Eligibility

A course presented by the Virtual Chapter MAY be eligible for CEU.  You are responsible for determining whether or not the presentation meets the CEU criteria for you, based on your work and your clients.  Refer to the BCPO Handbook located at

Main Criteria - the course must enable you to better serve your clients – what you do with or for your clients.

  1. The course must be at least 60 minutes long.
  2. The course can be live or recorded if it allows you to confirm you attendance.
  3. The course provides skills and/or knowledge to better serve your clients
During an audit of your CEUs you will be required to defend your choice of CEUs for your clients. 

If you have questions about CEU qualification, please contact the BCPO through