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NAPO News September/October 2013

How Safe Are Virtual Technologies?

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Sarah L Sain , NAPO Virtual Chapter Director of Communications & Technology

STRUCTURE with Sarah, Jacksonville, FL

There are many valuable virtual technologies that help professional organizers and their clients. These include financial tracking programs with online banking and credit card applications,cloud-based data and photosharing software such as Dropbox, as well information organization tools like Evernote, to name a few.  Yet these days, the conversation about virtual technology is more often about safety rather than how these powerful tools can facilitate organization. Using technology applications for tasks like keeping a grocery list would not cause a privacy or safety concern. On the

other hand, if we want to be able to track and organize grocery expenses using online banking and credit card statements, safety and privacy could be a real concern.  As a professional organizer specializing in technology organization, I often hear concern in my clients’ voices when we discuss organizational technology solutions.  How Secure is Technology?  In April I had the opportunity to attend the NAPO2013 Conference in New Orleans. Imagine my surprise when I heard the same fear and doubt about virtual technologies from fellow professional organizers!  First of all, I would like to acknowledge the elephant in the room—that no virtual technology is 100% secure. However, reputable technology companies recognize the importance of virtual safety and often put the same amount of effort and resources into physical and virtual security measures.  Learning the facts and avoiding myths will help remove fears and provide a foundation not only for us personally, but in our work with our clients. Getting educated and feeling more confident with technology allows us to truly transfer skills to our clients when dealing with technology and organizing. A great independent resource can be found at the Federal Trade Commission’s Link on Privacy and Identity.  A helpful gauge when accessing the safety of a website is to look for addresses that begin with “https”—the “s” denotes that the company

is providing some measure of virtual security. Here are five useful tips when planning to use virtual technologies:

1. Research the reputation of thecompany

2  Determine if the company’s website begins with “https”

3. Use the company’s home page resources generally found under Privacy and Security tips

4. Email the company’s support team for information on security steps and processes

5. Seek independent resources, reviews and guidelines for virtual technologies

Have a technology security question?  Take it to NAPO POINT and let’s promote dialogue so we can find ways to support the education process as NAPO organizing professionals. Technology offers great benefits so take the time to get educated and don’t let fear hold you back from making the most of these valuable tools! 

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