Technology and Communications Committee Volunteers

Our Communications & Technology Volunteer Committee is responsible for:

  • Implementation and support for all virtual platforms in membership communications
  • Oversight and backside support for our member managed website
  • Backside support for the webinar platform, GoToWebinar, used in our monthly meeting 
  • Communications & Social Media outreach support to committees (proofing)
  • Newsletter support
  • Any and all duties as requested and/or delegated by the President


Director of Communications and Technology

Jane Cole   Jane Cole

Communications and 
Technology Committee Members

Kimberly Purcell Kimberly Purcell - POINT Lead Moderator

Terri Fischer  Terri Fischer - Website Review

StephanieMcGrath  Stephanie McGrath - Archive CEU credits

Carrie Downey  Carrie Downey - NAPO VC POINT Community Discussion Editor

Alyssa Trosclair   Alyssa Trosclair - BCPO Liaison


Newsletter Committee Volunteers

Vernestine Laughinghouse   Vernestine Laughinghouse - Newsletter Editor

Susan Kousek Susan Kousek - Newsletter Assistant Editor


Treasurer Committee:

Michele Morgan   Michele Morgan