Membership Committee Volunteers

The NAPO Virtual Chapter Membership Committee is responsible for responding to new member inquiries and any questions that Virtual Chapter members may have.  If we do not know the answer to your question, we will research until we can answer it for you.  Think of us as “customer service”.   We look forward to serving an ever growing membership and are happy to be involved with the NAPO Virtual Chapter! 
Email  [email protected]

Membership Director

Lea Gallagher  Lea Gallagher

Membership Committee Members

Welcome Callers:

    Charlotte Ceier        Olive Wagar  Olive Wagar

Annielee Noel  Annielee Noel

Audrey Lavine  Audrey Lavine - Summer of Connections Facilitator

RejuVCnation Volunteers:

  Alan Grossman            Charlene Orsine Charlene Orsine

  Beth Ruck          Barbara Trapp

 Chris Wurth       Mary Cotten  Mary Cotten