Thank you for your interest in joining our NAPO Virtual Chapter!

NAPO - Virtual Chapter Vision Statement 

A Premier virtual community where leading professionals connect, collaborate, educate, and grow together.

NAPO - Virtual Chapter Mission Statement

NAPOVC provides opportunities to our members for connection, collaboration, education, and growth, virtually & on-demand, in order to build an international community and advance the productivity & organizing industry. 

Membership Requirements

You must be a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals prior to applying for membership with the NAPO Virtual Chapter.

Membership Dues

NAPO Virtual Chapter membership is effective for the calendar year, January 1st to December 31st, no matter when you join.  All members receive a notice to renew their annual membership at the end of the calendar year.  Membership fees are non-refundable.

*Lapsed memberships:  All memberships with the Virtual Chapter expire on December 31 of each year and must be renewed.  A membership that lapses will incur a $10 admin fee upon renewal.

Membership Categories

New Members

An individual engaged in the organizing and/or productivity profession and a current member of NAPO.
2020 New Member Dues (Jan - Dec):  $75 + $10 one-time admin fee      

To join the NAPO - Virtual Chapter:

  1. Please complete the application form using the link below.
  2. Make your membership payment through StarChapter.
  3. Once your payment has been accepted, click the link to return to the Member Area.  Make changes to your login information as necessary, and then click the link for an email to verify your email address.  Your email must be verified in order for you to receive any coorespondence from NAPO-Virtual Chapter.

Please be sure to complete the application process in it's entirety so as to not delay your membership, and please allow up to 48 hours to process your application.  
*IMPORTANT:  you must be a member of NAPO and be prepared to give your ID number in order to join NAPO-Virtual Chapter.  No matter when you join, your membership will be valid January 1 - December 31.  Membership fees are non-refundable.

Questions?  Email [email protected]

Employee of Professional Member

An individual who is currently employed by a NAPO Virtual chapter Professional Member to do business primarily in the organizing and /or productivity profession and a current member of NAPO.  This category of membership is purchased by and belongs to the Virtual Chapter Professional Member (the Employer), and is transferable to another designated employee with written notification to the NAPO Virtual Chapter.

2020 Employee of Professional Member Dues:  $50 + $10 one-time admin fee

If your employee's or your NAPO or Virtual Chapter Professional Membership expires, your employee's NAPO Virtual Chapter membership will be suspended until your employee's or your NAPO or Virtual Chapter Professional Membership is reinstated.  NAPO Virtual Chapter does not provide refunds for the balance of suspended memberships.

*To join Virtual Chapter as an Employee of a Professional Member, please have your Employer contact the NAPO Virtual Chapter to request an employee membership.
*Employer:  Please provide the employee's first and last name, their email address, and their NAPO ID number with your request to [email protected].

Professional Virtual Chapter Members

An individual engaged in the organizing and/or productivity profession and a current member of NAPO.
2020 Annual Dues: $75
(Renewal notices are sent out in December.)


  1. Enjoy monthly chapter meetings with a variety of client and business focused presentations from subject matter experts, many of which are CEU eligible
  2. Access NAPO conference recordings from 2014 and all of the past 7 years of VC chapter meeting presentations
  3. Gain access to our vault of previous 12 months’ worth of CEU credit qualified Virtual Chapter Meetings. 
  4. Connect and get ‘social’ with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, plus our private Facebook group and the VC POINT community
  5. Attend the NAPO VC annual conference Meet Up, always a great party and the opportunity to see each other in person
  6. Join our Book Club group and be eligible for even more CEUs
  7. Be seen in our website’s organizer directory
  8. Do you offer virtual services?  Gain exposure through an exclusive virtual organizer website and directory just for you
  9. Enjoy the monthly newsletter and stay connected, get great tech tips, welcome new members, celebrate VC members successes and be reminded about upcoming meetings
  10. Participate in any of our monthly New Member Orientations, get a personalized walk-through of how we work and get your questions answered by someone on the inside.
  11. Take advantage of our individualized volunteer and leadership opportunities and incentives
  12. Be part of the “Summer of Connections” and connect with our Virtual Chapter members all over the world
We look forward to having you be a part of NAPO Virtual Chapter!

Questions?  Please contact  [email protected]