It's About Time: Understanding What Gets In Our Way with Leslie Josel


June 13, 2016 | 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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Presentation Description:

Time is one of our most precious resources.  Yet we battle daily to make the best use of it.  Learn to pinpoint where your clients need to take control and understand what gets in their way.  In addition, you will learn how to create a "Personal Time Profile" to use to help your clients improve their focus and performance when juggling priorities.  You will also learn how to identify time robbers and how to help your clients eliminate them.  Using practical case studies, we will also discuss the difference between time management and motivation management, tips for conquering procrastination and the use of environmental communications.

Presentation Goals:

  • Understand different types of time robbers that effect our clients
  • How to create a Personal Time Profile so you can tap into your clients' best practices
  • The difference between time management and motivation management
  • Using external communicators to help support time management practices


Presenter Information:

Leslie Josel is the Principal of Order Out of Chaos, an organizing firm specializing in student organizing and chronic disorganization.  She is also a graduate of the JST Coach Training Program for students with ADHD.  Leslie is the author of "What's the Deal with Teens and Time Management" and created the award winning "Academic Planner: A Tool for Time Management" that helps students develop time management skills.  A respected expert on students, Leslie conducts workshops to parents, students and educators internationally. Leslie has also been featured in dozens of national broadcast and print media.

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