Improving Client Communications in Style! with Nicole Chamblin


August 08, 2016 | 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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Presentation Description:

Improving Client Communications in Style! is an insight packed course that leverages the DISC Behavioral Assessment to explain how our behavior and emotions affect the way we communicate and collaborate. Learn how to use your natural preferences to communicate more effectively with your clients (and others). Through the DISC assessment, you'll understand the different ways we approach problems and challenges; interact and influence others; respond to change or levels of activity; and respond to rules and regulations.

Presentation Goals:

  • Recognize and adapt to differences in communication styles
  • Understand how to reduce conflict and mistakes due to ineffective communications
  • Recognize the effects of stress or fatigue on communication


Presenter Information:

Nicole Chamblin, MA, CPO®, is a productivity consultant who loves helping clients connect with their vision, communicate their goals and collaborate with others more productively. A speaker, author and passionate trainer, Nicole loves teaching ways to more effectively manage goals, set priorities, kick self-defeating behaviors and improve teamwork. Leveraging her background in psychology and communications with real world lessons from working in marketing and advertising and serving on not-for-profit boards, Nicole brings unique insight into the productivity challenges facing us at work. Nicole’s engaging training style delivers proven tips, tools and best practices to help manage the feeling of overwhelm and gain mental clarity.

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