NAPO VC presents: Beyond Organizing: Embracing Your Natural Style to Find Flow with Cena Block of Sane Spaces, LLC July 10 2017 7:00PM EST


July 10, 2017 | 7:00 PM - 7:30 PM
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Presentation Description: Have you ever wondered why the dimensions of time and space are so illusive and continue to get in your way?  The illusion is that time and space are the source of pain, when in reality the problem may lie in the fact that you've never learned how to work with your natural style and habits.  This workshop finally gives you answers to your life-long questions of managing your time and organizing your space. "Beyond Organized" introduces my proprietary inventory that finally gives you a tool to understand and embrace your natural styles, habits & behaviors with time and space in your life.  You'll not only better understand your natural style, you'll also learn how to use use strengths and identify the habits that get in your way.  You will examine how to achieve flow by practicing decision-making techniques and taking actions in the areas that will deliver the best results.  This session will empower you and may literally change your life. 


Presentation Goals: Define Flow and Effortlessness according to Mihaly Czikszenrmihalyi. Define and understand the six behaviors that anchor and define homeostasis of the Time And Space Style Preferences.  Six Time and Space style preference characteristics, do's and don'ts. Learn and apply the Flow Foundations Model TM & Flow in Action TM Model. Create a personal action plan to launch you successfully forward in time and space.


Presenter Information: Cena Block is a productivity expert, business strategist, author, radio show host and master facilitator.  She is the founder of Sane and creator of  the Time & Space Style Inventory tm.  Cena is on a mission to help busy professional women and small business owners who struggle to manage it all, align their lives with purpose, passion and commitment.  Her clients regain control of their time, learn to prioritize, develop self-care habits, and create robust systems so their lives are more enjoyable.  Her clients gain clarity, get in action and create business results with time to savor what they most enjoy.  Cena works with corporate and nonprofit groups to deliver interactive workshops with a unique combination of self-assessment, wellness practices and success principals to help people take powerful action. 

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$0.00 NAPO VC presents: Beyond Organizing: Embracing Your Natural Style to Find Flow by Cena Block July 10 2017 7:00 pm EST