End of Life Organizing - Organizers Leading by Example - Presented by Audrey Billet

July 09, 2018
7:00 PM to 8:15 PM (Eastern)
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Venue - GoToWebinar

Presentation Description:

This presentation is for anyone 18 or older who may incorrectly think End of Life Planning is about death planning. When the inevitable accident, illness, or death happens, if preparations have not been organized and completed there can be long-term damaging effects on us financially, emotionally, psychologically, and physically that directly impact our, and our families, quality of life. Aging Baby Boomers are the single largest and growing demographic, but this is equally important to Generation X and Generation Y because chronic illness and injury are not age specific.

Presentation Goals:

In this dynamic, interactive presentation, attendees will experience educational empowerment for the often avoided, or taboo, topic of end of life organizing. You will learn the magnitude of the end of life organizing problem and the impact it’s going to have on you and your clients. You will leave feeling empowered to begin your own end of life organizing process using the same methods you can then use with your clients. This program will be applicable to our work with clients as well as our personal lives.

Speaker Bio: 

Audrey Billet of Audrey Billet Consulting is a Board Certified Professional
Organizer and End of Life Organizing Expert. A NAPO member since 2010 and a NAPO-SFBA past president, Audrey's work is focused on End of Life Organizing. Audrey excels at providing compassionate support through difficult times including illness or a loved one's death, but her passion is in empowering individuals to make concrete choices about their lives and their belongings before a health crisis occurs!

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July 2018 Virtual Chapter Meeting Minutes

July 2018 Virtual Chapter Meeting Minutes