Journey from the Attic by Pamela Israel

November 12, 2018
7:00 PM to 8:15 PM (Eastern)
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Presentation Description:

This presentation taps into today's fascination with learning about your family's past. You will learn how to make sense of family heirloom documents (frequently in another language), that have been passed down across generations and are so often stashed in the attic. Learn to decipher some clues hidden within the documents and when to recommend getting help. We also go a little deeper into the #1-claimed heritage in the US, German with some extra background, to increase your knowledge and expertise. 

Presentation Goals:

1) Even novices looking at old family documents can unlock fascinating details about someone's history. This is true even if these documents are in another language. Learn quick tips, and gain confidence in this field.

2) Helping your clients go through their family heirloom documents can deepen their connection and trust with you.

3) Learn to make suggestions on how people can research, preserve or donate family heirlooms which can enrich their lives and/or ease their guilt about letting go of items.

Speaker Bio:

Leveraging her own family stories (and heirlooms), Pam launched Unlock Your History to help people translate their heirloom family documents from German and Germanic languages. She creates a personalized Journey Book that focuses on story-telling and maintaining the emotional connection that family documents inspire and deserve.

Previously, Pamela has led teams from corporate to start-up, in delivering results that build the companies’ competitive edge. Pamela has a particular eye to digging deep into customer needs and leveraging the marketing and operational factors needed to successfully launch and grow them.

Having learned much throughout her own career, Pamela finds great satisfaction in helping others understand and grow their business. She continues to consult and mentor others and has a particular interest in supporting young business women.

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