From Frazzled to Focused : Organizing the Disorganized Family by Rivka Caroline

June 08, 2020
7:00 PM to 8:15 PM (Eastern)
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Presentation Description:

Learn from the personal experience of a veteran Mom of 25 years who knew nothing about being organized and what she learned as she turned her life around. She will share her simple yet powerful systems that are the foundation of a smooth-running home. Through the lens of research for her 2 Masters Degrees in Psychology and her book called ‘From Frazzled to Focused’, she shares insight into the overwhelm and keeps things very practical and actionable.

Presentation Goals:

Attendees will be able to identify the systems that are missing in a disorganized home.

Attendees will be able to assist with the implementation of missing systems and provide practical and sustainable solutions.

Attendees will be able to Identify clients' decision making fatigue/paralysis.

Speaker Bio:

Rivka is the author of ‘ From Frazzled to Focused’ which was listed on the New York Times parenting blog @Motherlode as a Top Ten ‘must read’ for parents. She also created the highly popular ‘Focus Finder’ ™ planner pad. As a mother of 7, she fuses her love of order with the practical reality of what raising a family looks like.

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HANDOUT From Frazzled to Focused - Rivka Caroline - NAPO VC June 2020