Acupuncture for the Home: A self care remedy by Beta Shad


August 10, 2020 | 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM
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Presentation Description:

Acupuncture is a treatment used to restore health in the physical and psychological body based on the concept that the body is made up of energetic centers. When the energetic centers of the body become blocked, we feel discomfort (stress, anxiety, overwhelm).  Feng Shui is similar except the focus is on restoring the energetic centers of the home.  When the energetic centers of the home become blocked, we feel distressed (stress, anxiety, overwhelm). Everything around, especially the home environment, mirrors the inner self. Clearing clutter will release free-flowing energy into a living environment which can remove obstacles in life and open space for new possibilities. Purposefully structuring an environment could be the support necessary to spark a commitment to change.  Change in mindset, change in physical health, change in finances. By understanding basic Feng Shui principles we can help ourselves and our clients create a nurturing environment that serves as an entryway to caring for all areas of life.  This is something practical and tangible that we can do to actively help ourselves. 

Presentation Goals:

1. Define Feng Shui 2. Provide an overview of the Bagua Map and Five Elements Theory 3. Discuss different causes of blocked energy in the home including various forms of clutter 4. Share Feng Shui tips that can be easily implemented to enhance the energy in a space

Speaker Presentation:

Beta is a Wellness Advocate passionate about sharing ways to improve life in natural ways.  She entered the world of health and wellness over twelve years ago after becoming a licensed Massage Therapist in 2007.  The Massage Therapy program introduced her to unconventional ways to be proactive about her own well being. Being disorganized and cluttered her whole life, Beta joined the NAPO Austin Chapter in 2014 to learn to organize on a personal level and has been on a self-discovery journey ever since.  She’s learned that a supportive environment is a foundation for happiness and that clutter is more than physical belongings. In 2015, Beta completed the Red Lotus Master Consultant course to receive a certificate of Completion in Feng Shui Principles, and in 2016 her business, Living Tidy, was born.  To better serve her client focus of busy moms and families, Beta earned a Specialist Certificate in Household Management from NAPO University. She is a member of the NAPO Holistic Organizers SIG, the Faithful Organizers group, and serves as the NAPO Austin Librarian. Her desire is to spark a commitment to lasting life change in health, heart, and home by teaching busy individuals and families ways to keep their homes and lives in order, one area at a time. 

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