Get Work Off Your Plate: Automate and Avoid The High Cost of Hiring with Mary Sue Dahill


September 14, 2020 | 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM
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Imagine, it is 4:30 pm, you are tired, and are just beginning the strategic, business-building work on your to-do list.  Every day, you are spending most of your time doing administrative tasks to support your business, and not enough to grow your business.  Do not let your business own you.  In this presentation, you will gain valuable insights into how to leverage digital tools and the impact it could have on your bottom line.  Stop wasting time on administrative work and start spending that time on income-producing activities.  

 Attendees will walk away with: 

  • Their opportunities to leverage digital tools and get tedious administrative tasks off their plate. 

  • The 5 essential elements to automate and reclaim time without the high cost and headache of hiring. 
  • Finally, two simple but brilliant moves that will create lasting success in their business.  



1.  Awareness of how digital tools can streamline and create efficiencies. 

2.  Opportunities to automate administrative processes.  



Mary Sue Dahill has a very unusual background; she comes from the tech world, but is a former English major.  Mary Sue has the unique ability to translate technology into words that people can understand.  After receiving her Masters in Management of Information Technology from the University of Virginia and a certificate in Advanced Project Management from Stanford University, Mary Sue spent twenty years in Technology Management.  

It was not until Mary Sue Dahill set out on her own as a consultant that she realized how difficult it is to manage everything without working all the time!  After meeting other small business owners, she realized how tough entrepreneurship was for anyone.  Mary Sue realized if she could “figure this out,” and come up with the right tools for her business that did not break the bank, she could grow her business, and spend more time with her family as well.  Mary Sue thought she could teach what she learned the hard way to others, allowing her to assist many others increase their bottom line.  

Because many entrepreneurs do not come from the Tech World, they spend a lot of money, time, and frustration on digital tools that do not work.  Business owners can not see through the trees, stream-line their own business, leverage the right digital tools, and automate work flows -- this is where May Sue Dahill comes in! 

Mary Sue gets great pleasure out of her work for the following reasons.  She loves to see her clients achieve:

  • Scaling their business because they use the right digital tools, and systems to support their growth.  

  • Growing faster, and profit more because they do not have to hire people to do tasks that can be automated

  • Eliminating money wasted on digital tools that do not accomplish the task at hand.  

  • Increasing time with family & friends and/or hobbies clients enjoy.  

Mary Sue Dahill is looking forward to assisting and enlightening us all.  

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