Last Pass: The Last Password You'll Ever Need with Laura Leist


October 12, 2020 | 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM
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Laura Leist, MOS, CPO, will provide an overview of LastPass - a digital password manager. She will also show us how to get started with this tool and share important tips you need to be aware of as you setup LastPass for yourself, your business, or take it t the next level.  Laura has first-hand kowledge of the importance of using this tool in her business and her life during a crisis.  She and her husband Robert (an IT Security Specialist) work with their clients to ensure they can put their fingers on important information - anytime, anywhere, and from any device.  

Benefits of attending this meeting:

  • Increase your cyber security as a result of better password management
  • Increase your time savings:  Having passwords and information in ONE place - all at your fingertips
  • Stop resetting passwords every time you cant remember one. 
  • Learn how to share passwords with family or team members 
  • Establish where to look when your IT professional needs a password to fix something on your computer
  • Start saving on YOUR time and money
  • Sleep better at night know that all of your important information is in one location, secure, organized, and always at your fingertips.


Laura Leist Bio

Laura founded Eliminate Chaos over 20 years ago, and employes two teams fo consultants, one that workds with residential clients as well as a business productivity and IT team.  

Laura is a past NAPO president and the recipient of the NAPO Shining Star Award.  She is a member of the National Speakers Association and ICD. 

Laura has authored over 15 books including:

Eliminate Chaos: The 10-step Process to Organize Your Home & Life

Elimate the Chaos at Work:  25 Techniques to Increase Productivity

Increase Your Productivity Using Microsoft Outlook

OneNote:  Data at Your Fingertips, Anytime, Anywhere and from Any Device

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