Organize it Forward: The Unique Benefits of Working with Nonprofits with Angie Hyche


November 09, 2020 | 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM
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Presentation Description:  

Organizing for nonprofits offers an ideal opportunity for organizers to use their skills to benefit deserving groups.  Nonprofits are unique organizations with unique challenges.  Based on hundreds of hours of experience working with nonprofits, I will help you navigate these challenges.  

Presentation Goals:

  • Explain why organizing services are especially helpful for nonprofits

  • Detail the benefits to their business of working with nonprofits 

  • Describe the unique challenges of working with nonprofits and how to navigate them

  • Help participants determine which nonprofits would be a good match for their services 

  • Guide participants to develop a plan for choosing and beginning to work with nonprofits


Angie Hyche's Biography

Angie Hyche has been an organizer & NAPO member since 2016.  She lives in a small town in northeast Tennessee called Kinsport.  She worked in the fields of medicine and education before she finally got up the nerve to start her business, Shipshape Solutions.  Angie loves speaking and writing about organizing as much as doing the actual work.  When she's not organizing, Angie enjoys riding bicycle trails, hiking, group exercise classes at the YMCA, reading, and performing in community theatre.  

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