A different lens to leverage for professional organizers by Jaclyn Strauss CPA


March 08, 2021 | 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM
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Presentation Description:

It is beyond apparent that we can all use a little bit of YOU in our lives.  To be in your profession and be the huge success that you have proven to be, certainly calls for a unique eye for creativity, extreme patience, compassion, detail-oriented characteristics, and a strong enough personality to say "trash it" to a client that has attachment issues to "stuff."  What if you were able to take that peace-of-mind that you create every single day for your clients in their physical surroundings to a different place from a unique view? 

Your clients trust you and you have earned that.  It is now your time to show your old clients and new ones that you care not only about them but also about those that they love and closest to them.  You can be that trusted "coach" or "partner" that assists with the gathering of the information that they need in a one-stop digital shop that they will have utility quite frequently for whether it is grabbing copies of the documents that you helped store in their digital vault on My Macro Memoir to filling out their next application or children's school/summer camp paperwork.  The days of pulling all of what they need from multiple places are over and it is up to you to help them do this best and hold them accountable.  A new area of expertise awaits you.  

Presentation Goals:

Demonstrate the unique perspective and unique lens that MMM can offer professional organizers in order for them to consider serving their clients.

1. Strengthen their relationships with their existing and previous clients by approaching them in a unique way outside of the physical organization.  MMM prompts the user to think about anything and everything that may be important to someone.
2. They can bring peace-of-mind to the clients helping them arrive at a level of organization that they may not have known or realized that they needed for today or tomorrow.
3. Opportunity to work virtually with clients that do not have an appetite for allowing people back into their physical space OR a way to bring on a higher volume of clients as this would not require a physical visit.
4. Allows for the client to experience a further level of efficiency in their life that has portability as MMM can be accessed on the go by the client when they may have a need for something when they are outside their home or office.
5. Align with things that are important to improving their client's everyday life and the ability to empower them to be independent with a maintainable digital experience that will grow and change with the client.  This will allow for a permanent positive effect on the client.
6. Provides the client the ability to have the information they entered in the form of a downloadable or printable PDF to share as they see necessary for efficiency purposes
7. The thinking is done for the user as to where to start and what to gather – no other tool does this in such a streamlined and “to the point” way.  No frills here.  Simple but NOT stupid

Speaker Bio:

Jaclyn Strauss, CPA is a mid-level executive for a  Fortune 100 company with multiple passions.  Her first passion is her two elementary-aged children.  She is the founder of her own company and has become a leading efficiency expert by putting her skills and knowledge to work by creating a secure place for users to digitally organize themselves with the thinking done for them.  Jaclyn leads with her heart in all that she does and has a passion to serve the greater good of her local community and beyond.  

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