Resilience for Professional Organizers in Lockdown - From Someone who was Locked up By Trish Jenkins


May 10, 2021 | 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM
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Presentation Description:

Trish Jenkins never expected doing her job would land her in prison! She could be your sister, your co-worker, your gym buddy. Someone who trusted the wrong person and ended up behind bars! Yet Trish learned more in 8 months in prison than 20 years in the business world. She discovered keys to Resilience, Change, and Leadership.

Presentation Goals:

3 things that harm an organized mind 3 keys that unlock our resilience response The Shift and Lift Mindset Climate Change for your Brain: How to Master your Mental Ecosystem How to Enjoy the people around you, even the weird ones.

Speaker Bio:

Trish Jenkins knows something about resilience. She spent 8 months in prison after unwittingly working for a con artist. In her compelling presentations, Trish shares her story with its fascinating characters and the resilience that turned her setback around and build an international business. Trish's inspiring, practical and powerful strategies equip leaders and teams to Unlock Resilience, Adapt to Change, and Love Leadership.