Organizing your CD client for Weight Loss with Shawndra Holmberg (CEU qualifying)


August 11, 2014 | 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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Organizing Your CD Client for Weight Loss

Weight loss and getting organized can be competing goals for our CD clients. Or they can converge and enhance each other in order to move the client forward. This class will explore the challenges your CD clients face on their weight loss journey and offer strategies to transform their weight loss from a project into a lifestyle.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the challenges your CD clients face on their weight loss journey 
  • Offer appropriate support and resources to your CD clients 
  • Apply organizing strategies, especially "time management," you may already be
    using with your CD clients to their weight loss goals 
  • Understand the life transitions inherent in weight loss 


Presenter Information:
Shawndra Holmberg is an organizer, lifestyle coach, author and trainer dedicated to helping others create the life they love. She opened Dhucks in 2005 intent on helping her clients tame the clutter in their lives and dump the insanity in their schedules.

At the same time Shawndra was building her business she was also intent on losing weight. In 2006 she reached her weight goal with Weight Watchers after losing 92 pounds. She joined the staff and led weekly meetings for over six years. In addition to supporting and educating meeting members to lose weight, Shawndra took on the role of Nutrition and Physical Activity Coordinator for East Hawaii County to bring resources together for a healthier community.

In addition to her clients, she shares her knowledge, her passion and her experience with audiences as a speaker and author. She has shared her journey of weight loss and weight maintenance with readers since 2008 through her weekly Small Steps newsletter which encourages each of us to take small steps to a healthier weight and lifestyle. She has travelled the road she talks about it.

She is a Chronic Disorganization (CD) & ADD Specialist and has been a member of NAPO since 2005. 

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