August 2020

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President's Message

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”
Ken Blanchard—coauthor of The One Minute Manager

I was a schoolteacher in my former life and education is very important to me. Our Virtual Chapter has an extremely smart bunch of members and we should be using our smarts to educate others!

Our recent survey indicated that many Virtual Chapter members are looking for networking opportunities within our chapter. At this time, we are looking for members willing to facilitate VC "virtual coffee klatches" as a way to connect with other members. These meetups are not intended to sell your wares, but rather to develop your leadership skills, share your knowledge and expertise, and grow your network. We'll use VC POINT to connect you, and then you take it from there! 

One-time meetup examples:

  • Meet and Greet
  • Everyone shares a "best tip"
  • Preview an organizing/productivity social media video on a particular subject and share your thoughts
  • Host a show and tell of your favorite organizing product


Regular meetup (monthly, quarterly, or other) examples:

  • Continue the discussion about a recent VC meeting presentation
  • Gather a group for regular meetups on a specific topic 


All meetups will need to follow some parameters. If you are interested in facilitating a meetup, please let me know .

Stay safe and healthy!

Jane Cole, CPO®
President, NAPO Virtual Chapter

Happy Home Organizing Solutions, LLC
Orlando, FL


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Welcome New Members & More


New Members in JULY!

Please welcome our newest NAPO VC members: 

Barbara Caldwell B. Caldwell Consulting - Prairieville, LA
Annie Pontrelli Bella Vita Assistant Services - Edmonds, WA



All NAPO VC members, new and current, and guests are invited to join the next NAPO VC Member Orientation, an interactive conference call. Learn about our Virtual Chapter website, CEUs, VC POINT, and more. Bring your questions! The next orientation is scheduled for Monday, August 17, at 7:00 PM ET. Go to our Meetings page of NAPO - Virtual Chapter and find the Orientation GoToWebinar link to register for this Virtual Chapter event. 

Have questions? Email any board member!

Lea Gallagher

Membership Director, NAPO Virtual Chapter
[email protected]


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Kudos & Congrats


Congratulations TO OUR VC MEMBERS!

Members Receiving Certificates From NAPO:

Residential Specialist:
Kristine Stables - Mermaid Home Organization

Workplace Specialist:
Barbara Caldwell - B. Caldwell Consulting
Sheila Segnalini - Organizing Concepts

Life Transitions:
Whitney Zeigler - Big Rock Organizing LLC

Household Management:
Kristy Potgieter - KLP Organizing

Team Productivity:
Barbara Caldwell - B. Caldwell Consulting

Golden Circle Recognition:

Dani Brahm - Simply Refreshing Organizing Solutions - 5 years
Penny Hammond - Outta Space Organizing - 5 years
Whitney Zeigler - Big Rock Organizing LLC - 5 years

More Outstanding Members:

 **** Congrats to all of you! ****

If you have something to celebrate, please email [email protected]. We do our best to catch our membership doing great things, but please let us know if we've missed something!


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NAPO VC Resources

Check out Ways to Connect and Learn

Virtual Chapter Book Club
Earn CEUs while reading and learning about a topic pertaining to productivity and organizing professionals. 

Books by Our Members
We have some very talented writers in our midst. See the books some of our members have written.

Past Meetings By Topic
Members can view and listen to conference recordings and meeting presentations. Earn CEUs for the past 12 meetings.

Previous Newsletters
Previous newsletters can be read online in the Members Area. Click Resources, and select Newsletter Archives on the left. 



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Tech Talk

Use Echo (from Amazon) as an Intercom or Phone

For someone with mobility issues, Amazon Echo is a great tool that can be set up as an intercom or to place a phone call.

For example, my husband can use the Echo in his office and say "Alexa, call Laura Leist on her mobile" and she will call me. This is also very handy to set up for aging parents to be able to call you because all they must know is what command to say. They don't need their phone near them because they can talk through the Echo.

If you have a client with mobility issues, you can place several Echo devices throughout the home and teach them the command to talk to someone else in another room using the intercom feature of Echo. Each device will have a "room name" such as "kitchen" so you would say, "Alexa, call kitchen" and then you can talk to the person in that room.

Tech Talk by Laura Leist, CPO®, MOS | Eliminate Chaos

Products or services presented in Tech Talk do not constitute an endorsement and are only offered for informational purposes.


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Upcoming Meeting Information

Acupuncture for the home: A self-care remedy by beta shad

August 10, 2020
7:00 PM to 8:15 PM (Eastern)

Presentation Description:

Acupuncture is a treatment used to restore health in the physical and psychological body based on the concept that the body is made up of energetic centers. When the energetic centers of the body become blocked, we feel discomfort (stress, anxiety, overwhelm).  Feng Shui is similar except the focus is on restoring the energetic centers of the home.  When the energetic centers of the home become blocked, we feel distressed (stress, anxiety, overwhelm). Everything around, especially the home environment, mirrors the inner self. Clearing clutter will release free-flowing energy into a living environment which can remove obstacles in life and open space for new possibilities. Purposefully structuring an environment could be the support necessary to spark a commitment to change.  Change in mindset, change in physical health, change in finances. By understanding basic Feng Shui principles, we can help ourselves and our clients create a nurturing environment that serves as an entryway to caring for all areas of life.  This is something practical and tangible that we can do to actively help ourselves. 


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Inspirational Quote


The only way to do GREAT work is to love what you do. 

 Steve Jobs

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