MAY 2020

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President's Message

Hi everyone!

I have been honored to be NAPO’s Virtual Chapter president for the last two years. This is my last newsletter article as chapter president, and I want to thank all of you for letting me be of service to NAPOVC which has given so much to me! 

Being part of this board has been a pleasure and a joy. I feel I have made lifelong friends. It's not that we always agreed but it is true there was never a cross word exchanged. This is amazing! Your NAPOVC board is the best!!

Here are some of the successes of the last few years all made possible by our board members and wonderful volunteers:

  • Membership is at our highest level ever with 235 members as of this writing.
  • In December 2019 we had a free meeting for all NAPO members which resulted in new chapter members.
  • The Virtual Chapter is financially healthy.
  • Each year we offer 11 monthly programs (usually not during conference month), many of which are CEU eligible.
  • Code word submission was simplified. 
  • The certificate process has been automated.
  • Our social media marketing campaign has been successful.
  • A solid board takes office May 15, 2020, with some new board members to spice us up and round us out.
  • A new onboarding process for board members will make for a smoother transition.
  • Our annual meet up at conference morphed into an annual dinner and was a huge success in 2019. We will be back in 2021 so stay tuned.
  • We continued to bring you wonderful speakers and topics at our monthly meetings.
  • The NAPOVC Book Club is on solid ground and meeting once a month.


The NAPOVC April 13, 2020, meeting deserves special mention. NAPO asked us to contribute to the effort of providing timely information to all members. Your NAPOVC board scrambled and quickly put together a fantastic panel on virtual organizing. Five board members jumped in and shared their experiences providing virtual organizing services.

We had 574 attendees and over 500 questions submitted before the meeting! Those questions were compiled, compared, whittled down to a manageable number and then addressed by the panel members during the meeting. The NAPOVC board has also taken on answering all the questions that came in during the call.

In order to accommodate the large number of attendees we had to temporarily upgrade our webinar platform and get the certificate process automated fast. The feedback has been wonderful. And a very nice result is that many of the non-chapter members who attended then joined NAPOVC. If you have not heard this meeting it is available on the NAPOVC web site

Remember—to earn a CEU, you can join the monthly NAPO Virtual Chapter Book Club meeting facilitated by Denni Dattilio. You can register for the next Book Club meeting on our website The next Book Club meeting is Thursday, May 28, and the book is It's Hard to Make A Difference When You Can't Find Your Keys by NAPO member Marilyn Paul.

Happy organizing, everyone! 

June Carter, GYST* Solutions
President, NAPO Virtual Chapter
[email protected]



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Welcome New Members & More


New Members in APRIL!

Please welcome our newest NAPO VC members: 

Tracy Hartman - It Has Its Place - Palm Desert, CA
Jessica Williams - Clutter Doctor - Washington, DC
Deann Bolinder - Clean Slate Organizing - Park City, UT
Erin Barbee - Turn Key Lifestyle - Wilmington, NC
Julie Brooks - Peaceful Place Home Organizers - Brewster, MA
Missy Garcia - Fresh Start - Pittsfield, MA
Andrea Hancock - Dextrous Organizing - Alexandria, VA
Maggie Panagakis - Strategies For Organizing, Inc. - Chicago, IL
Geri Chark Frankel - GCF Organizing, LLC - Moorestown, NJ
Tina Ackerman - De-Clutter Your World - Newtown Square, PA
Denise Perrone - Organize You Organize Me - Commerce Township, MI
Kimberly Krogh - Elephant Organizing - Orlando, FL
Sonal Adamson - Clutter-Free 4Life, LLC - Ellicott City, MD
Stephanie Shalofsky - The Organizing Zone - New York, NY
Erin Becker - Pick It Up Home Organizing - San Francisco, CA
Ellia Harris - Mindful Organizing - Seattle, WA
Lauri Mennel - Bluebonnet Professional Organizing - Vienna, VA
Rachel Sager - RESTART with Rachel - Yonkers, NY
Deb Lawrence - Deb Lawrence Organizing, LLC - Litchfield Park, AZ
Karen Wrenn - Brunswick Organizing Solutions - Leland, NC
Kimberly Korf - Everything Has a Home - Edmonds, WA
Jeannie Dilger - Arranging Time - Chicago, IL
Shirley Fleet - Keeping Things Organized - Baton Rouge, LA
Connie Kees - Consult an Organizer - Chippewa Falls, WI
Lori Reese - Consider It Done, LLC - Harrisburg, PA
Amy Rehkemper - Simplify Organizing, LLC - Baltimore, MD



All NAPO VC members, new and current, and guests are invited to join the next NAPO VC Member Orientation, an interactive conference call. Learn about our Virtual Chapter website, CEUs, VC POINT, and more. Bring your questions! The next orientation is scheduled for Monday, May 18, at 7:00 PM ET. Go to our Meetings page of NAPO - Virtual Chapter and find the Orientation GoToWebinar link to register for this Virtual Chapter event. 

Have questions? Email any board member!

Lea Gallagher
Untangle Organizing 

Membership Director, NAPO Virtual Chapter
[email protected]


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Kudos & Congrats


Congratulations TO OUR VC MEMBERS!

Members Receiving Certificates From NAPO:

Residential Specialist:

Workplace Specialist:
Elva Fonseca - Sensational Organizing Services
Maggie Panagakis - Strategies for Organizing, Inc.

Life Transitions:

Household Management:
Susan Chuah - Restore Order For Life PLT
Kristin Hashimoto - Creative Organizing

Team Productivity:

Golden Circle Recognition:

Elizabeth Goodsell - That's Neat! Organizing - 15 years
Andrea Hancock - Dextrous Organizing -10 years 

More Outstanding Members:

 **** Congrats to all of you! ****

If you have something to celebrate, please email [email protected]. We do our best to catch our membership doing great things, but please let us know if we've missed something!


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NAPO VC Resources

Check out Ways to Connect and Learn

Virtual Chapter Book Club
Earn CEUs while reading and learning about a topic pertaining to productivity and organizing professionals. 

Books by Our Members
We have some very talented writers in our midst. See the books some of our members have written.

Past Meetings By Topic
Members can view and listen to conference recordings and meeting presentations. Earn CEUs for the past 12 meetings.

Previous Newsletters
Previous newsletters can be read online in the Members Area. Click Resources, and select Newsletter Archives on the left. 



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Tech Talk

OneNote - Using Digital Notebooks in Your Own Business or With Clients

Digital notebooks such as Microsoft® OneNote®, Evernote, or Google Keep are a great way to keep your notes and other information in digital format and at your fingertips.

For this article, I am focusing on OneNote since I know it well and use it every day in our business. I switched from Evernote to OneNote because of how OneNote integrates with Microsoft Outlook.

Here are just a few of the many ways to use digital notebooks in your business:

  • Policy and Procedures Manual
  • Conferences you attend (keep all your notes in one place for each conference you attend)
  • Client note taking (you can email the notes to the client at the end of the session)
  • Reference information (for easy access while working with a client)
  • Operations Manual
  • Client notebooks (for collaborating with a client on a project)
  • Book(s) (content and reference information for a book you are working on)


A notebook can contain:

  • Text
  • File attachments:  Word Docs, Excel Spreadsheets, PDFs,
  • Pictures / Images
  • Audio Recordings
  • Video Recordings
  • URLs


Some things you can do with your notebook(s):

  • Share with a client or team member(s)
  • Lock down sections of the notebook so others can't see content
  • Provide "read-only" access when sharing so content can’t be changed
  • Store in the cloud so you can access from any device:  laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone
  • Email page(s) in the notebook to someone
  • Use the powerful search function to find your information
  • Tag information to use in specific searches
  • Create custom tags for your searches
  • Create templates
  • Dictate text to the notebook instead of typing


If you use Office 365 (now called Microsoft 365), you may already have this tool as part of your subscription with either Microsoft 365 Family (formerly Office 365 Home) or Microsoft 365 Personal (formerly Office 365 Personal).  If you don't have an annual subscription, you may still have OneNote with Office 2013 or 2016.

I use ten different notebooks on a regular basis for managing content for the business and for me personally. I could not live without these notebooks as the information is always with me on my iPhone and at my fingertips.

Tech Talk by Laura Leist, CPO®, MOS | Eliminate Chaos

Products or services presented in Tech Talk do not constitute an endorsement and are only offered for informational purposes.


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Upcoming Meeting Information

Adding Money to Your Organizing Business

By Alexis Boccanfuso

May 11, 2020

7:00 pm TO 8:15 PM (eastern)


Presentation Description:

Want to add MONEY to your organizing business? Financial organizing might be a service you can offer your clients! In this introduction to financial organizing, you will get an overview of the different types of financial organizing services and also understand the basic skills needed in order to be a financial organizer.


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Inspirational Quote


When you really want it,

            You are unstoppable.

-Patricia Moreno, intenSati Method

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